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Physics Problems for Nerds: Analyzing “nerd” culture through physics 101


Publication Date: October 7, 2019

Affiliation: SUNY Delhi

About the book

Image of cruise ship splitting apart

This book consists of example/test problems for algebra-based physics 1. Unlike traditional problems, however, all of these problems include popular fiction using the mediums of movies, comics, television, video games, and other subjects often referred to as “nerdy”. The problems were written with student interest in mind, to help them become invested them in the topic for these topics are rather popular with the present students. Topics include kinematics, newton’s laws, conservation of momentum, conservation of energy, simple harmonic motion, and thermodynamics.

Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Unit conversions
  • Chapter 2: One Dimensional Motion
  • Chapter 3: Projectile Motion
  • Chapter 4a: Forces (without Friction)
  • Chapter 4b: Forces with friction
  • Chapter 5: Conservation of Energy
  • Chapter 6: Conservation of Momentum
  • Chapter 7: Rotational Physics
  • Chapter 8: Deformation of Solids and Buoyancy
  • Chapter 10: Volume as function of Temperature
  • Chapter 11: Heat

Lars Schweidenback

Dr. Lars Schweidenback got his undergraduate degree in Physics from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2007 where he did research in physics education research. He then went to SUNY Buffalo for his doctorate in physics which he received in 2013. His research there was on spintronics and electron spins in semi-conductors in high magnetic fields, especially quantum wells and quantum dots. Upon receiving his PhD he went to SUNY Delhi where he became a physics and chemistry instructor, teaching mostly through demonstrations. Dr. Lars is a lifelong nerd, obsessing over all things Marvel comics, video games, and Dungeons and Dragons.