Download statistics are from the launch date of our Milne Open Textbooks new site on February 1, 2015, to the current date.

Title PDF EBOOK (EPUB) Totals Daily
A Concise Introduction to Logic   644692673671421871119
A Spiral Workbook for Discrete Mathematics   24103N/A24103134803
A Story of Real Analysis   16917N/A1691794564
Dangerous Science   203N/A20317
united states supreme court buildingEthics-Mark-Whitman.pdf   39N/A3901
Exploring Movie Construction and Production   36517111937636105627
Foundations of Academic Success   1285326651551843259
Friendly Introduction to Logic PDF   418N/A418214
Fundamentals, Function, and Form   1620N/A1620954
Gendered Lives PDF   7953031098318
Good Corporation, Bad Corporation   49392197751369143856
Guidelines for Improving the Effectiveness of Boards of Directors of Nonprofit Organizations   1465729131757049293
inanimate life coverInanimate Life PDF   1327N/A1327744
Instruction in Functional Assessment   4839106058991698
Interpersonal Communication   15243N/A2956633197
Introduction to the Modeling and Analysis of Complex Systems   70714N/A707143932357
Labor and Employment Law   1574N/A1574952
Laboratory Manual for AC Electrical Circuit ODT   633N/A154619
Laboratory Manual for DC Electrical Circuit ODT   634N/A146818
Leadership-Mark-Whitman.doc   819N/A1097212
Literature, the Humanities, and Humanity   66551426808122135
Microbiology-a-laboratory-experienceMicrobiology A Lab Experience   313480839421166
Music and the Child   68381463830123138
Naming the Unnameable   382590747321379
Natural Resources Biometrics   4206101252181487
Nursing Care at the End of Life   64791427790622132
OER-2018-Law-101-Textbook.docx   11106N/A1112431185
Physics Problems for Nerds   880N/A1165319
Public Health in Pharmacy EPUB   12703091579318
Rhone-An-OER-Ethics-Reader.pdf   668N/A668422
Steps to Success   2664018582849879475
Teaching Autoethnography: Personal Writing in the Classroom   71926997317
Technical-Report-Writing-Guidelines-Leah-Akins.docx   N/AN/A354212
The ELC: An Early Childhood Learning Community at Work   833N/A833528
The History of Our Tribe: Hominini   48741366624017104
The Information Literacy Users Guide   39364N/A39364109656
The Missing Link: An Introduction to Web Development and Programming   254864412153372944682811
Transitions to Professional Nursing Practice   4983N/A498328166
Writing in College   2593251483108086518

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