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Law 101: Fundamentals of the Law


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Affiliation: SUNY Monroe Community College

Photo of the US Supreme Courthouse building

About the book

Law 101: Fundamentals of Law, New York and Federal Law is an attempt to provide basic legal concepts of the law to undergraduates in easily understood plain English. Each chapter covers a different area of the law. Areas of law were selected based on what legal matters undergraduates may typically encounter in their daily lives. The textbook is introductory by nature and not meant as a legal treatise.

Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1 – Major Factors in Choosing and Working With An Attorney
  • Chapter 2 – Comparing and Contrasting Civil and Criminal Law
  • Chapter 3 – New York State and Federal Court Structure and Sources Of Law
  • Chapter 4 – How the United States and New York State Constitutions Affect Our Lives
  • Chapter 5 – The Path Of A New York State Criminal Case
  • Chapter 6 – Traffic Stops & DWI
  • Chapter 7 – Discrimination Law
  • Chapter 8 – The Path of a Civil Tort Case
  • Chapter 9 – Marriage, Divorce and Family Law
  • Chapter 10 – Common Estate Planning Processes and Documents
  • Chapter 11 – Taxes
  • Chapter 12 – Real Estate Transfers
  • Chapter 13 – Residential Lease Transactions
  • Chapter 14 – Elements of a Contract, Consumer Protections, and Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 15 – Privacy

Michael H. Martella

Michael H. Martella is an Assistant Professor at Monroe Community College in Rochester, New York. He is also the Director of the college’s ABA Approved Paralegal Studies Program. He has taught CRJ 101, Constitutional Law, Law 101, Domestic Relations, Introduction to Paralegal Studies, and Trusts and Estates. He has been a practicing attorney in the state of New York since 1982.