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Interpersonal Communication: A Mindful Approach to Relationships

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ISBN: 978-1-942341-77-2

Affiliation: SUNY New Paltz

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About the book

Interpersonal Communication: A Mindful Approach to Relationships helps readers examine their own one-on-one communicative interactions using a mindfulness lens. The writing team of Jason S. Wrench, Narissra M. Punyanunt-Carter, and Katherine Thweatt incorporates the latest communication theory and research to help students navigate everyday interpersonal interactions. The 14 chapters in this book cover topics typically taught in an undergraduate interpersonal communication course: family interactions, interpersonal dynamics, language, listening, nonverbal communication, and romantic relationships, as well as exploring emerging areas such as self-compassion, body positivity, friendships, and “the dark side”. The writing takes on a purposefully informal tone to engage readers. Each chapter is broken into different sections that have unique instructional outcomes, key takeaways, and exercises, and concludes with real-world case studies and sample quiz questions. Also included is  an extensive glossary with over 350 definitions.

Table of Contents

Jason S. Wrench

Jason S. Wrench (Ed.D., West Virginia University) is a professor in the Department of Communication at the State University of New York at New Paltz. Dr. Wrench specializes in workplace learning and performance, or the intersection of instructional communication and organizational communication. His varied research interests include workplace learning and human performance improvement, computer-mediated communication, interpersonal communication, empirical research methods, family communication, humor, risk/crisis communication, and supervisor-subordinate interactions. Dr. Wrench regularly consults with individuals and organizations on workplace communication and as a professional speech coach for senior executives.

Dr. Wrench has published numerous books on a variety of communication topics: Intercultural Communication: Power in Context (2000), Communication, Affect, and Learning in the Classroom (2000, 2020), Principles of Public Speaking (2003, The College Network), Human Communication in Everyday Life: Explanations and Applications (2008, Allyn & Bacon), Quantitative Research Methods for Communication: A Hands-On Approach (2008, 2013, 2016, 2019, Oxford University Press), The Directory of Communication Related Mental Measures (2010, National Communication Association), Stand Up, Speak Out: The Practice and Ethics of Public Speaking (2011, 2016, Flat World Knowledge), Communication Apprehension, Avoidance, and Effectiveness (2013, Allyn & Bacon), Organizational Communication: Theory, Research, and Practice (2014, Flat World Knowledge), and Training and Development: The Intersection of Communication and Talent Development in the Modern Workplace (2014, Kendall Hunt). Dr. Wrench also edited or coedited: The Impact of Social Media in Modern Romantic Relationship (2017, Lexington). Casing Organizational Communication (2011, Kendall Hunt), Workplace Communication for the 21st Century: Tools and Strategies that Impact the Bottom Line: Vol. 1. Internal Workplace Communication, Vol. 2. External Workplace Communication (2013, both with Praeger), Casing Public Relations (2014, Kendall Hunt), and Casing Sport Communication (2015, Kendall Hunt). Dr. Wrench was the editor of the Ohio Communication Journal from 2005-2007, served as an associate editor for Communication Research Reports from 2007-2010, and has been on the editorial board for numerous academic journals. Furthermore, Dr. Wrench has published over 30 research articles that have appeared in various journals: Communication Education, Communication Quarterly, Communication Research Reports, Education, Human Communication, Journal of Homosexuality, Journal of Intercultural Communication, Mentor, Southern Communication Journal, The Source: A Journal of Education, and The NACADA Journal (National Association of Campus Advising). Dr. Wrench is the former president of the Eastern Communication Association, and currently serves as the editor of the Journal of Intercultural Communication Research for the World Communication Association.

Narissra M. Punyanunt-Carter

Narissra M. Punyanunt-Carter (Ph.D., Kent State University) is a professor in the Department of Communication and assistant dean of international affairs for the College of Media and Communication. She is also an associate professor of Communication Studies at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. She teaches the basic interpersonal communication course. Her research areas include mass media effects, father-daughter communication, mentoring, advisor-advisee relationships, family studies, religious communication, humor, and interpersonal communication. She has published over 70 articles that have appeared in several peer-reviewed journals, such as Communication Research Reports, Southern Journal of Communication, and Journal of Intercultural Communication Research. She has also published numerous instructional ancillaries and materials. She is also a coauthor of Organizational communication: Theory, Research, and Practice (2014, Flat World Knowledge). Dr. Punyanunt coedited The Impact of Social Media in Modern Romantic Relationship (2017, Lexington).

Katherine S. Thweatt

Katherine S. Thweatt (Ed.D, West Virginia University) is an associate professor at the State University of New York at Oswego. Dr. Thweatt’s areas of interest are interpersonal communication, instructional communication, and health communication. She has published in the areas of teasing, teacher immediacy and misbehaviors, cognitive flexibility, and healthcare research. Healthcare publications involved shared medical appointments, heart failure, and infectious disease.

Dr. Thweatt has earned grant funding in the areas of diabetes and the theory of planned behavior, undergraduate research, and employer expectations. She earned two national best practice awards from URAC and the Pharmacy Benefits Management Institute while serving as the Senior Manager of Clinical Quality at the third-largest Medicare Part D sponsor. Dr. Thweatt serves on the editorial Board of Communication Research Reports, Communication Education, and Communication Teacher. She proudly contributes to her field through conference planning, serving as Marketing Director to the Eastern Communication Association and the Eastern Communication Association’s Representative to the National Communication Association’s Nominating Committee and as the 2019-2020 President of the Eastern Communication Association.