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Sound of Physics


This textbook is intended for general education courses on the science of sound and suitable for use in any course focusing on the science of underlying sounds and acoustics for non-specialists. This textbook serves as both a core text and study guide, and will be designed in modules such that instructors can easily select parts they want to apply to their courses, providing students with clear and specific learning outcomes. Animations of waves and audio files will be available in the electronic version of this textbook.

The range of topics include movement of sound, vibrations and oscillations, sound intensity, superposition and spectra, the ear and psychoacoustics, sound and signal modification, traveling waves, standing waves, and musical instruments.

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James McLean

Professor McLean has taught physics courses at SUNY Geneseo for 15 years, and has taught the Science of Sound for 11 semesters. He has published 15 articles and books.